Which sci-fi film toppled Twilight with the #1 baby name of 2012?

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Dec 17, 2012

Remember a few years back when Twilight got really, really, obnoxiously big, and fans were producing lots and lots of baby Bellas and Edwards and Jacobs? Well, the day of the vampire-inspired infant name seems to have passed, and another sci-fi franchise is dominating the baby-name scene. But which one?

Popular baby name site Nameberry just released its list of "the hottest new choices" in baby names for 2012. Using naming statistics from the first quarter of this year and comparing them to the same time period last year, the site predicted which names will be the most used when the year ends. Not surprisingly for anyone who's read box-office figures lately, the site notes that The Hunger Games has replaced Twilight "as the primary cultural influence on names," and a Hunger Games character name is right at the top of the list. But which one?

No, it's not Katniss or Primrose or Gale. It's Rue, the adorable, tree-climbing little girl who befriends Katniss in the arena. The name has already made a serious jump in use this year, and Nameberry predicts that nine months from now you won't be able to escape little bundles of joy named Rue.

Also on the Hunger Games-inspired side of things is Cato, the name of one of the more villainous tributes in the arena. Sure, that means people are naming their babies after a bad guy, but Cato's also the name of one of the most famous Romans who ever lived. And hey, at least the kids aren't being named Peeta.

Twilight did still make the list under the name Emmett (one of the members of the Cullen clan), but Edward and Jacob and Bella aren't even cracking the top 10 these days. And in between the names of pop stars (Adele, Grayson) and the recently born children of pop stars (Ivy), another sci-fi franchise made a small appearance on the list too. Nameberry predicts that Aria will be among the top 10 this year, and while it's not the same spelling, we're willing to give it at least some of the credit for this name's spike to Game of Thrones' Arya Stark.

So, if you were planning to name your newborn after a sci-fi character this year, you now know which ones everyone else is using, too. Aren't you glad Worf didn't make the list?

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