The Whispermen are creepier than ever in new Who finale prequel

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May 28, 2013

Already suffering from massive Doctor Who withdrawal? There’s a chilling new Who season-seven finale prequel from “The Name of the Doctor,” and you can watch it right here.

Hopefully this'll help tide us all over until the 50th-anniversary special, which is set to air in the fall.

Titled “Clarence and the Whispermen: Finale Prequel” (Clarence is that prisoner dude Madam Vastra [Neve McIntosh] visited in that deep dark wet dungeon/prison thing who had some info to give her about Matt Smith's Doctor), this extra was found on the Doctor Who season-seven part-two DVDs.

Written by Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat (who also penned the finale), this prequel provides a bit more info on Clarence and has the spooky Whispermen paying a creepy visit to our terrified convict.

Have a look:

Are the Whispermen creepy enough for you?

(via Doctor Who TV)

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