Who Arya should kill on Game of Thrones and more from Maisie Williams' AMA

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Feb 2, 2015, 7:07 PM EST (Updated)

Arya Stark, a scrappy young survivor, is a fan favorite in the HBO series Game of Thrones. The actress who portrays her, 17-year-old Maisie Williams, is also a favorite among fans. So, when she chatted at a recent AMA (Ask Me Anything, a roundtable discussion with anyone with a Reddit account), thousands of fans virtually turned up to ask questions.

Williams answered questions about herself, Arya Stark, and a potential role in The Last of Us, a videogame that is currently in talks to hit the big screen. Here are some of the highlights.

On what she doesn’t like about filming Game of Thrones

Although it looks like fun dressing up as a medieval-ish urchin and wielding a rapier, it’s actually work for Williams. Her least favorite part of filming: 

Very long hours. Because I love to sleep. I like sleeping more than most of my siblings [Williams is the youngest of four]. So staying awake and working long, long hours is very difficult.

On the funniest moment on set

Lucky for Williams, it’s not a 24/7 slog. In fact, there are some moments of hilarity. 

The one time was in series 3, episode 8, when I was supposed to laugh anyway - when Arya cracked up laughing at the news of her dead aunt - and I was watching funny videos on my phone, so I giggled endlessly, and they liked it, and so did the audience.

On her left-handed swordplay

Williams is right-handed. However, according to the Game of Thrones wiki, her mother convinced her to play Arya left-handed, which is how she is portrayed in the novels.

I feel like I've improved a lot. I don't hit anyone, or myself, as much anymore. Still don't know if I could actually kill anyone though.

I could try?

On who Arya should add to her death list

While some little girls keep lists of the boys they want to kiss, Arya Stark isn't like other girls. She keeps a list of the people she wants to kill. Her list is already fairly long. And Williams wants to add to it.

It'd be pretty cool to kill a White Walker. But I don't know how much good that would do, because like 6 million of 'em would gang up on her. But that would be on Arya's bucket list - to kill a White Walker.

On the cast member most like his character

We can’t expect stars like Jack Gleeson to be as evil as his character Joffrey. But one actor in particular is more like his character than the others:

Rory is quite similar to The Hound before breakfast, in that, if he hasn't eaten, he's kind of grumpy! haha! But I love 'im regardless.

On on-set booty

Stars have been known to “liberate” knick-knacks from their sets. Williams is no exception.

I have sneakily removed some of the Faceless Man coins from set. And they have gone missing. And I have NO idea where they went!

…I’m hoping to steal [Arya’s sword Needle] in the future, so I can keep it for myself!

On difficult moments filming Arya

Arya Stark may be an immensely likable character, but it doesn’t mean she’s easy to portray. Williams had particular difficulties with Arya in an upcoming episode

There's actually a scene in the coming season...which was my most difficult scene to film. And I think fans are going to be really excited about it. More emotional than we've seen Arya in previous seasons.

On a potential role in The Last of Us

One of the protagonists in the Naughty Dog videogame The Last of Us is also a scrappy young survivor. No wonder fans are clamoring to see Williams portray Ellie. 

I've watched a walk-through with my brother, and our next mission is to play the game, and I'm really looking forward to it, because the walk-through was insane. 

… THE LAST OF US movie is in very early days. I have spoken to powerful people who are getting THE LAST OF US on its feet. And I'm hopeful that I can play Ellie in the future, but we'll all have to wait and see.

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