Who composer teases that 50th-anniversary special is gonna be 'controversial'

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Jul 15, 2013, 2:48 PM EDT (Updated)

Seems that if there’s one word to describe the still-oh-so-mysterious and upcoming Doctor Who 50th-anniversary special, it would be “controversial.”

That’s what Doctor Who composer Murray Gold revealed in a lengthy interview with Den of Geek.

About the upcoming anniversary shindig, Gold had this to say:

"There's some really interesting things to say about [the 50th anniversary special] but I can't say them. It's very, very well directed. There's a thing they've done in it, which might be controversial… It's interesting though."

So ... what does Gold mean exactly by "controversial"? Could it be that we’ll finally get a certain regeneration we never got to see? (From Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor to Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth by using stock footage or to John Hurt’s “8.5”, maybe?)

Will the anniversary special touch on the Time War? If so, why are the Zygons there? (And that wouldn't be a thing now, would it?)

Could it be that we'll get the meta-crysis Tenth Doctor instead of the real one? (Both played by David Tennant, of course.) Would that be "controversial" enough? John Hurt's presence as the Doctor is controversy enough.

Or does Murray Gold have something entirely different in mind? You tease us, sir, you tease us.

So what do you think would be controversial enough for the 50th-anniversary of Doctor Who?

(Den of Geek via Radio Times)