Is this who Holly Hunter will play in Batman vs. Superman?

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Nov 18, 2016, 1:10 PM EST (Updated)

An acclaimed actress has joined Warner Bros.' biggest superhero movie yet, but as who? 

Ever since we heard last week that Holly Hunter -- the Oscar-winning (for The Piano) actress who genre fans know as the voice of Elastigirl in Brad Bird's much-beloved Pixar superhero adventure The Incredibles -- has joined the cast of Zack Snyder's still officially untitled (though there's no shortage of hilarious titles floating around the web) Man of Steel sequel, we've been wondering what role she'd take, and if that role would have a comic-book basis. Over at Comic Book Resources, Brett White speculated that Hunter could either be a Lexcorp employee or, perhaps, the owner of the Daily Planet, making her the boss of Perry White, Lois Lane and, of course, Clark Kent.

But what about a third option? What if she's not affiliated with Lex Luthor or Clark Kent? What if she's instead an ally of Ben Affleck's Batman?

According to Latino Review, this third option is the most likely one, as they've heard that Hunter will play "Leslie Thompkins, or a Leslie Thompkins replacement character."

Leslie Thompkins, of course, is one of the most important non-crimefighting characters in Batman lore. Created by Dennis O'Niel and Dick Giordano in 1976, she is a medical doctor and close friend of Bruce Wayne's parents, Thomas and Martha. When the Waynes are gunned down in Crime Alley, she takes an interest in helping to raise young Bruce alongside his trusted butler, Alfred Pennyworth (who'll be played in Snyder's film by Oscar winner Jeremy Irons). She is a dedicated pacifist and has been known to help even the lowest of Gotham's criminals in their time of medical need. Her nonviolent nature is often opposed to Bruce Wayne's vigilante activities as Batman, and though she knows Batman's identity in some versions of her story, she's still willing to treat him whenever he suffers wounds that he simply can't take to a hospital. 

Hunter would certainly make a compelling Thompkins, or Thompkins stand-in, but for the moment this is just a whisper. She could end up playing an entirely different character. If she is Thompkins, though, it opens up a potential Batman storytelling direction that not even Christopher Nolan explored.

(Via Latino Review)