Who met their maker in Orphan Black's "From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths?"

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Jun 17, 2016, 12:03 AM EDT

Spoilers to follow for Orphan Black Season 4, Episode 10, "The Redesign of Natural Objects."

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This is it. The last Orphan Black episode of Season 4. I love them and I hate them.


Our first scene is a flashback to the night Delphine was shot, with Krystal hiding behind another car. And, of course, Duko was the trigger man! Turns out, he was going to put another bullet in Delphine, but was distracted by Krystal's phone going off, which gave time for Evie Cho's doctor pal to pull up in an unmarked van and save her. Delphine is taken to get medical care seemingly on the island because THE GUY is there. And I will keep calling him THE GUY because they've yet to give the man from Rachel's visions a name.

In current time, Krystal spots Dr. Ian Van Lier (Evie's doctor) taking over as interim CEO of Brightborn. She calls Felix to tell him the new important information she can give him about Delphine's disappearance but wants to know what's really up this time. Sure. That'll happen.

Cosima & Sarah:

Cosima and Susan are delighted to find out their new vector was effective in the experiment. There will be a cure! They even share a hug, which you can tell means more to Susan than it does to Cosima. She puts in a call to tell Sarah and Mrs. S and, just when you think finally something happy is happening, their connection is cut off by forces unknown. Charlotte inquired about the cure as Cosima starts choking up blood again. Do. Not. Kill. Cosima.

Sarah & Rachel & Co.:

Rachel is watching Evie's downfall on the news when Sarah calls. Rachel attempts to explain Van Lier is on damage control, but before Sarah can call her too many names, Felix hangs up the call to let her know about Krystal's miraculous discovery. "How does Krystal figure this s*** out?" wonders Sarah. Mostly good timing, really.

After a debacle with the press, Evie meets with "the board" who tell her she's screwed up royally and that even if they somehow get themselves out of the mess, "We can't repackage you." She refuses to sign her work away and...holy cow! Van Lier zaps her with a scanner of some kind on the side of her face and the bot takes her down hard.


We check in at Helena's camp to find out Donnie and Alison have been hiding out there with her after the Neolution attack. She asks Sarah over the phone if she should kill Evie, but she assures her it's all under control. Oh. And Alison has the s***s. In case you were wondering. I wasn't.

Rachel & Cosima:

Ferdinand shows up at Rachel's hotel. He's brought frittata, the sly dog. She attempts to explain Susan has gone dark and she's suspicious, but he wants pleasure before business and angers her until she slaps him and tells him to get on his knees. He's quickly tied up and she uses the opportunity to convert him to Neolution. But before he can submit, Ira shows up to witness the wonderful scene. He has something Rachel wants so Ferdinand must wait.

It's a call from Susan, which Cosima overhears, telling her they can restart human cloning. Cosima is disappointed, but not surprised. She confronts Susan, who absolutely does not see anything wrong with more cloning, and Cosima is locked in Rachel/Westmorland's room. Hmm, I wonder if there are any clues in there...

Krystal & Sarah:

Krystal comes to the comic shop, where Felix is wearing a Men in Black getup. What are they going to show her? Surely not the truth...right? They head to the basement where, sure enough, Sarah awaits to welcome her into Clone Club. Only...Krystal doesn't believe her!! She disses Sarah's hair and goes on to explain Van Lief's connection. Everyone just shrugs and goes along with it, which is really all you can do with Krystal. But they do ask her for a favor.

At another impromptu press conference, Krystal shows up pretending to be a reporter and asks Van Lier about Neolution, deformed babies, and the attempted murder of Dr. Cormier, which gets everyone else talking, too. He agrees to meet her around the corner, where Mrs. S grabs him at gunpoint and...oh, man it was Sarah as Krystal!! Krystal is still at the shop playing a game with Scott and Hell Wizard. Under pressure, Van Lier reveals he passed Delphine off to someone else and tells them Susan is going to start cloning again. They are appropriately pissed off.


Art and Felix go to Rachel's hotel and find Ira tied up, so he's being left out of this new part of the plan, it seems. Rachel goes to "the board" without Susan, telling them she wants to see genetic change in the population within her lifetime. She wants to combine cloning with Evie's bots over multiple generations. And then, she brings it on home for them by kicking all her "kind" under the bus, saying their corporation supersedes a clone's citizenship and personhood. They should have no illusion of freedom and if they want to cut off a part of them to see if it will grow back, so be it. Anyone else SUPER uncomfortable right now?

Cosima & Rachel & Sarah:

With a little pressure, Sarah is able to convince Ira to get her on a helicopter to the island so she can help her Sestras as well as Susan. And with a big hug to Kira, she's off! Too bad Rachel got there first. THE GUY is waiting for her in the house, but leaves her to deal with Susan. I've got a bad feeling about this. Susan only refers to him as a "messenger" and tells Rachel she's betraying everyone, including yourself, with her plan. Charlotte gets Cosima out of the room to escape, but first they have to witness Rachel stabbing Susan in the chest just after she seals her own fate by saying "I regret making you." That's way harsh, MOM.

Sarah arrives just after Cosima and Charlotte head into the woods, and quickly get lost. Sarah finds Susan is still hanging on in the lab and stupidly puts down her gun to help her. She says it's too late, Rachel has taken the cure, and sure enough, the case is empty. Before she can think of what to do next, Rachel grabs the gun and starts beating Sarah badly with her cane. And then, Rachel stabs her in the thigh! Suddenly, Sarah, a clone I never actually was fearful for, is looking like she may not get out of this alive, but some distraction by Susan allows her to escape.

Just as hypothermia is setting in, THE GUY finds Cosima and Charlotte and takes them to camp. Delphine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course, the obvious next step is to get naked to warm her up! Later, THE GUY informs Delphine she won't be allowed to stay, but she gets a bit more time since she's the patient. When they're alone again, she tells her they have to be careful and Cosima reveals she took the samples! Delphine can shoot her up "like old times," but they can't tell anyone.


Rachel is off the rails and put Susan into her wheelchair, badly patched up. She explains about the things she's been seeing in her eye and, finally, Susan realizes Westmorland had sent Rachel messages. "He's losing his patience for natural selection," she says, but Rachel can't believe that a man could be over a century old. Oh it's happening. It's all happening.

Sarah struggles to the beach and makes a call to Mrs. S, who has since been captured by Ferdinand. And...that's where we leave her. Way to cliffhang us, guys! But wait, there's another. Just as Rachel is finished cleaning off the bloody knife she used to stab Susan, she takes a video call from Van Lier who tells her ominously, "Mr. Westmorland will see you now." The doorbell rings and we're left with a very happy Rachel, indeed.


Holy smokes. WE DON'T EVEN SEE HER FACE THIS EPISODE! I know she got some big time this season, but still, it felt like the "actor" was unavailable to film, or something. In an ensemble, even one where one actor is playing 11 parts, there are bound to be cuts, but this was a bummer.


Nothing from her, either?!? I thought for sure she'd play a big role in the finale, but I guess that just means we can expect big things from her next season.

Body count:

No one is dead (at least I think), but Evie, Cosima, Sarah, and Susan are all down for the count from their various conditions.

Best lines of the episode:

Krystal - "I'm sick of being like, yanked around by my brain at this point."

Ferdinand - "Have you been serviced?"

Ira - "He has his socks on."

Mrs. S. - "There's always a bloody board."

Worst decision:

Gonna have to say Sarah going to the island alone.

Best performance:

Tatiana Maslany as Rachel.