Who needs Batman v Superman? We're getting a Flash vs. Arrow crossover this fall

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Sep 9, 2014

You know how you can tell DC’s television team knows how to do a crossover the right way? There’s a “vs.” in the middle, as opposed to a “v” that looks more like a court case than a superhero blockbuster.

We already knew we’d be getting some crossovers when The CW launched the Arrow spinoff series Flash, but producer Greg Berlanti opened up to Flash TV News to reveal that we’ll also be getting a straight-up fight between the two DC heavies. Like, with fists and everything.

Exactly what will lead to this confrontation? We don’t really know. But the Arrow team has proven they can take a grounded approach to just about anything, so we’d think whatever the circumstances turn out to be, they’ll at least be a believable fit for the characters.

Here are the choice excerpts where Berlanti talks crossovers:

“My favorite part of them is that we’re not waiting to do “two characters in Episode 18.” They’re really an active part. I just love when they’re in each others’ universes. It makes both shows feel bigger. So that’s a lot of fun. I know if I were a fan watching the show, those two nights in a row [with the crossover], they would own me. I would be so excited to see back-to-back episodes like that …

We use a famous Flash villain, actually, in the Arrow episode, and then I would say as much as there is a villain in the Flash one – the first one (“Flash vs. Arrow”) – we’re not deceiving anybody with the title. There will be some real fisticuffs between our heroes …

It’s all the interpersonal stuff, so it’s the real connection…. the deepening friendship between Barry and Oliver is always great. But when you’re getting to write scenes with Cisco and Dig… that’s just a cool scene, you know? And Diggle’s reaction when he sees what The Flash can really do? It’s hysterical and funny.”

It’s nice to see Berlanti’s genuine excitement to bring these two universes together, and now we can’t wait to see what Diggle does when he sees that super speed in action. It seems they’re embracing the potential of having this shared universe while still balancing each series in its own corner. We can’t wait to see it all in action.

Also of note: Berlanti touched on rumblings they’ll be putting a spin on the famed Crisis on Infinite Earths comic storyline, and would only tease that “a lot of stars would have to align” to make that happen. Here’s hoping the sky is clear.

What do you expect from “Flash vs. Arrow”? Will it help fill that DC crossover void while we wait for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016?

(Via Flash TV News)

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