Who will be naked in front of a crowd?

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Dec 15, 2006

I have just finished a confab with the dreaded PZ, and we have agreed on the stakes for this contest:

If When I win, he has to pose for the Skepdudes 2008 calendar, as well as write a blog entry singing my praises. If he wins (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!) then I will write an adoring blog entry about him, and also stand in front of a crowd of some 800+ skeptics at TAM 5 and say very nice things about him. Since the meeting is taped and sent out via DVD, this too will become a permanent record of defeat.

Now, I just checked, and we were precisely tied at 8055 votes each; but the Weblog Awards people evidently go through the voting records and "correct" them for people who have cheated in various ways. So even if one of us pulls ahead, this is by no means a guarantee of a win. Stay Tuned!

And vote!

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