Who and what killed Ghostbusters 3? Bill Murray names names

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

Ghostbusters 3 seems like it should be a slam dunk, right? The first two movies took in a bazillion dollars; Ivan Reitman, the original director, is up for a three-quel; and even Bill Murray, reportedly the lone holdout from the original cast, has said that he'd return as long as he got to play one of the ghosts. So what's the holdup?

According an interview Murray did with GQ, we can blame it on the film Year One.

Don't remember Year One? There's a reason for that. (Go—read our review of it. We'll wait.)

In response to the question "Is the third Ghostbusters movie happening? What's the story with that?," Murray said:

It's all a bunch of crock. It's a crock. There was a story—and I gotta be careful here, I don't want to hurt someone's feelings. When I hurt someone's feelings, I really want to hurt them. [laughs] Harold Ramis said, Oh, I've got these guys, they write on The Office, and they're really funny. They're going to write the next Ghostbusters. And they had just written this movie that he had directed ... Year One. Well, I never went to see Year One, but people who did, including other Ghostbusters, said it was one of the worst things they had ever seen in their lives. So that dream just vaporized.

Knowing Hollywood's love of franchises, we're sure a sequel will still get made someday. But at least now we know the reason it's taking so long.

Or ... could this just be another one of Bill Murray's deadpan jokes? Hmmm ...

(via cinemablend)