Who bites on Clash of Titans' Sam Worthington and more!

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

The cast of Louis Leterrier's upcoming remake of Clash of the Titans reveals the behind-the-scenes secrets about the adaptation of the 1981 sword-and-sandals classic.

Star Sam Worthington, who plays Perseus, talks about shaving his head, wielding a sword and getting chewed on by the black horse who plays Pegasus. "I think he hated me. I think he had some bit of beef with me," Worthington says, adding: "[He'd] bite my head like a sugar cube."

We also hear from the unbelievably hot Alexa Davalos about playing Princess Andromeda and hanging—literally—from ropes in a massive green-screen stage for days on end.

And we get a really good look at the new Kraken!

Clash of the Titans opens April 2.

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