Who for the holidays, SF ornaments, Batman pics and more!

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Dec 15, 2012

Thanksgiving and Black Friday are gone and we're steaming headlong toward the holidays. It's time to open up your weekly present that is the Hottest Stories and Best Comments! In this fancy, decorative box you'll find geeky tree baubles, Doctor Who posters and gifts, South Park aliens, more Batman pics, Ridley Scott's Prometheus and a Neuromancer that never happened.

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Your best comment: Could Hallmark perhaps pick scenes from Star Trek that are a little less violent? Last year's Amok Time said to me "Nothing says Merry Christmas like 2 friends trying to kill each other." Now we have Evil Spock mind-raping Dr. McCoy. Could they make another one like the Tribble one, or the Captain Pike one? — Crusade2267

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Your best comment: Actually that's not a zeppelin in the poster for "The Doctor Dances," that's the German bomb that almost blows up Captain Jack at the end of the episode. However I had no idea it had "Bad Wolf" written on it in German, but after checking out my dvd there it is. Brilliant all around. — Cliff

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Your best comment: Timey Wimey is in the dictionary because it is both Wibbly Wobbly and Spacey Wacey! — Andrew

Our story: There's an alien in every episode of South Park? Really?

Your best comment: If people watched shows "out of habit or loyalty", we'd still have X-Files or Star Trek or any so-called "cult" show on the air. Shows get cancelled when the audience drops and no matter how much you love a show, you'll stop watching when it starts to suck. South Park is still on and people ARE still watching because it hasn't "jumped the shark" yet. — Bill

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Your best comment: Really...picture 3, no one noticed the "Superstar" pose that Bane was giving, he is seconds away from smelling his fingers!!! — grendel

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Your best comment: Notice that Idris Elba is wearing a shirt with the "Weyland/Yutani" logo - the same company from all the other movies in the Alien mythology. Very cool! — David

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Your best comment: What a horrifying depiction of Molly, with a bunch of little lenses around her eyes. An example of the typical way someone wants to change the looks of a classic, iconic character just to put their "stamp" on a story. Things like that are why fans of an original will get disappointed and turn their backs on a movie version, so you won't even get their support if the larger public doesn't take to it.

Even with examples of how to properly do a genre adaptation, like the Lord of the Rings, X-Men and X-men 2, Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2, and the Harry Potter films, there are still fools trying to mess with things for no good reason when they make their movie adaptations.

Memo to Hollywood producers/directors/writers: Unless your name is Stanley Kubrick, Ridley Scott, James Cameron, Francis Ford Coppola, Quentin Tarantino, the Cohen brothers, or Mel Brooks, *don't try to mess with an original genre story when adapting it!* — Lun Esex

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Your best comment: I love how much hate can come from StarWars, it shows truly how much people actually LOVE it, for the greatest sign of not caring is indifference. The new prequel trilogy wasn't as good as the originals, get over it, they're still entertaining. Lucas doesn't get people to part with their money, they're movies. You buy em' if you want, and even if you HAVE to buy the remakes, they come out once every what, 5 years? Unless your garbage can cardboard box class you can afford it, and you're happy you can. I bought the THX originals on VHS, the special editions VHS, the special editions DVD pack, the prequel trilogy on dvd, and the new bluray 6 pack. They're all amazing and get progressively better. I'm a fan who's read the encyclopedia for fun in middle school, and appreciates the higher quality value of the original trilogy as well, but I'm not so bitter as to say the prequels were horrible, or that George is trying to take advantage of people. His releases are genuinely worth the money for those that are fans. The bluray set not only features high quality sound and picture, but tons of bonus features to keep the avid fan happy, and as usual, if you're not interested you don't have to buy it. Every film maker does this with their films yet they aren't so brutally harassed. Grow the f* up haha! — Jacob

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Your best comment: If/when there is another Star Trek series, I would bet my life saving it will be a completely new series (maybe with some next gen cameos). But the idea of Firefly's Morena Baccarin playing Troi makes me cry sci-fi tears of longing. — Anna

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Your best comment: It's really nice for some of you to speak for the 99%, but last time I checked we are ALL sci-fi/fantasy fans. I am TOTALLY not a big fan of the movies nor books but if you like it, I am not going to call you a moron/dweebie/twihard/whatever. I'll just nod my head and say "OK, have fun!" If you ask me my reasons for not liking it, we can discuss. Be GLAD that at least _some_ fantasy reaches mainstream. Even if you don't like it, it does make it easier for us to enjoy some other programming (while stellar in some exec's eyes, and may not be as mainstream with the popular vote) while the execs wait for the next "OMG $$$$$" blockbuster (that you'll probably hate anyway). Relax. We're all here to enjoy some escapism. Geez. Whatever happened to mutual respect? — Neon