Who kills FlashForward's Demetri? Our favorite theories

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Some of the most tantalizing mysteries about ABC's FlashForward concern where, when, why and how—or if—John Cho's excitable FBI agent, Demetri Noh, will die, and Cho himself confirmed that tonight's episode will begin to reveal major answers to some of those questions.

"In the next two episodes, there's a very major revelation on who my murderer is," Cho told us at the Star Trek DVD/Blu-ray launch party in Los Angeles on Monday. "It's really shocking."

While we wait for the answers to unfold, we've scoured the Web for theories on who will kill Demetri, and when, and why, and how. Here are some of our favorite theories. FlashForward airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Mark Benford (Joseph Fiennes), Demetri's partner, does it. We admit, this is our own theory. If it's shocking, as Cho said, what would be the biggest shock? Obviously if it were his own partner. There's still a long way to go before Noh's personal D-Day (March 15, 2010, we've been told) and a long way down that Mark can go, especially if he ends up drinking, as he foresaw in his own flash-forward. Mark definitely seems to be losing his cool, and if something comes between the partners, anything's possible.

Demetri is a mole, so he deserves it. That would also be shocking, and it wouldn't preclude our theory. Dclifton53 at suggests that if Demetri is the mole, Mark might have to kill him in the line of duty. Maybe the reason Demetri is so upset is that he knows he's a mole, and it probably leads to his death. Axbman reminds us that March 15 is the Ides of March, when Julius Caesar was assassinated by the person closest to him, Brutus. Et tu, Demetri?

Gabrielle Union

Zoey (Gabrielle Union) does it. Ajiraairways at suggests that Demetri's own fiancee does him in. That would explain why she insists he's in her flash-forward, when we never see that he is. She's just giving him a false sense of security. That would also qualify as shocking.

No one will. Demetri lives! Al (Lee Thompson Young) managed to kill himself in a recent episode, changing his own future and demonstrating that the flash-forwards are NOT immutable. That suggests that Demetri has a fighting chance to avoid death. "I think that's entirely possible," Cho said. "It changes everything when one piece of the future can be changed. For me, in particular, that's a big, big deal, and it is for other characters as well, the possibility that we can alter our fate."

Agent Vreede (Barry Shabaka Henley) does it. The_kangaroo at echoes a more typical TV answer posited by many posters. Agent Vreede, a less central supporting character, will turn out to be a mole. Noh will find out, and Vreede will kill him to keep his secret. Shades of 24. In our opinion, this would be extremely not shocking.

Demetri isn't actually supposed to be killed. Amv2765 at points out an interesting distinction in Demetri's recollection of his non-flash-forward. He said he saw darkness and nothingness. Well, that's not nothing. It's not a vision of himself, but it's not death, either. Perhaps he was knocked out by the gunmen who were coming after Mark.

Demetri goes blind. Several posters have also posited that Demetri could go blind between now and April 29, 2010. The reason he doesn't see anything in his flash-forward is that he can't see anymore. LeviJM at doesn't like this, though, because all five senses were active for everyone's flash-forward, so Demetri would still have some sensation, even if he's blind.

Demetri fakes his own death. Roger at Lost TV Forums' FlashForward board reiterates a popular popular fan theory that March 15 is the day the FBI fakes Demetri's death. The woman (Shohreh Aghdashloo) who warned Demetri of his impending murder actually saw reports of that faked murder. Demetri could go undercover and still get knocked out on April 29, a self-fulfilling prophecy worthy of FlashForward.

Joseph Fiennes (left) and Courtney B. Vance

L.A. FBI chief Stanford Wedeck (Courtney B. Vance) does it. Christina at's forum suggests that the director of the FBI kills Demetri himself. She goes along with the theory on faking his death, and if that's the case, Wedeck would have access to Demetri's covert whereabouts. Maybe he only went to the bathroom to give his flash-forward an innocent alibi.

Agent Janis Hawk (Christine Woods) does it. Ajiraairways also speculated on Janis' involvement in this possible FBI conspiracy, reminding us that it was her idea for Demetri to post his fate on Mosaic. The fact that the mystery woman calls Demetri's cell phone might mean that Janis paid her to give him false news of his March 15 murder.

He's only "mostly dead." A la The Princess Bride, chaseguy17 on suggests that Demetri could die temporarily on April 29. He could be drowned or something for 2 minutes and 17 seconds, then be resuscitated after the flash-forward time period. It happened all the time on ER.

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