Who you gonna call when NYC budget cuts threaten Ghostbusters HQ?

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Dec 14, 2012

You might think the worst thing that could happen to the city of New York would be an ancient Sumerian god turning up in a bubble suit with an oversized marshmallow man in tow, but you would be wrong.

Oh, sure, she's got a pair of demon dogs and is intent upon bringing about the fall of mankind, but so what? That's peanuts! It's the sort of thing can be resolved by any Joe with a positron glider and a dream.

No, we're talking about something truly terrifying, something that chills every man, woman and child to the bone:

Budget cuts!

That's the unseen enemy that faces the very real firehouse that acted as a key set in everyone's favorite horror comedy, Ghostbusters. It's acted as a functioning hook and ladder company lo these many years, even being one of the first to respond during the September 11 attacks. It seems a shame to see it shuttered.

The questions is: If its fate is inevitable—what happens next? Surely there's a wealthy philanthropist out there who will buy the space so that future generations can visit and imagine themselves busting ghosts.

Seriously, someone buy this thing if it goes on the market. It's iconic, it has an ectoplamsic storage facility in the basement, and the pole still works!

And just wait until Egon tells you about the twinkie!

(via New York magazine)

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