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Whoa! Did Harrison Ford just say he wants to be in Star Trek 3?

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Oct 29, 2013

Do you think Capt. James T. Kirk and company could find a place for Han Solo on the Enterprise?

Oddly enough, the first inkling of a Star Wars actor heading over to Star Trek didn’t even come from their shared director, J.J. Abrams. Instead, producer Roberto Orci and sci-fi veteran Harrison Ford just stole that thunder.

Star Trek writer Roberto Orci also produced Ford’s upcoming sci-fi flick Ender’s Game, and of course someone had to ask that question. In classic Ford fashion, he took the question in stride and got us all wondering how he might be able to fit into Abrams’ new Trek-verse.

The interviewer opened by asking Orci how work is going on Trek 3 — basically, they’re brainstorming potential story lines at the moment — and Orci put Ford on the hot seat to see if he’d be interested in stopping by the Federation for the next go-round. His answer? “Sure!”

C’mon, Orci — make it happen!

What do you think? Should these acting pools stay separate, or would you like to see some Star Trek/Star Wars synergy now that the creative teams are (essentially) one and the same?

(Via Total Film)

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