Whoa! Fox may have 10+ Marvel comic book movies in the works

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Jul 4, 2015, 11:57 AM EDT

Could an X-Force, Deadpool or Cable movie be on the way soon? After seeing the success Marvel has had with The Avengers, the folks at Fox are happy to take a page from their playbook—saying as many as 10 new comic-book-based movies could be coming down the pike from the studio.

Comic guru and creative consultant Mark Millar recently opened up to Comic Book Resources about Fox's long-term plan to capitalize on the Marvel properties in their stable (X-Men, Fantastic Four), and said the upcoming Wolverine standalone represents a fresh start for the company.

If all goes well, as Iron Man did for Marvel, we could see as many as 10 new comic book movies out of Fox in the coming years:

"I felt like Iron Man was really the beginning of something for the Marvel Studios movies, and The Wolverine will be a similar starting point to build a lot off of for the Fox movies ... X-Force or Cable or Deadpool -- all these amazing characters are things we haven't really gotten to yet. You go to any convention in the world, and you'll see 20 people dressed as Deadpool.

In a lot of ways, these are Marvel's coolest characters, so I want to remind people of that and build on what we already have. I think there's a great foundation, and just from basic conversations, we've come up with ten movies we could do ... These things cost $150 million each to make, so we have to pick and choose what we want to do."

With The Wolverine, Josh Trank's Fantastic Four and X-Men: Days of Future Past all in the works, we're glad to see Fox learning from what's been successful and finally taking their comic properties seriously. With Millar on board, here's hoping they can actually hit that quality sweet spot that Marvel has perfected with Phase One of their film plan.

What do you think? Can Fox successfully build an expansive comic universe ala Marvel/Disney?

(Digital Spy via Comic Book Resources)