Whoa, it's happening: Ghost Rider copyright fight gets official trial date

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Jun 28, 2013

The fight for Ghost Rider is really happening this time.

Earlier this month we found out that comic creator Gary Friedrich caught a lucky break thanks to some awkward and ambigious language in his contract with Marvel over the rights to Ghost Rider. Which meant that, at some point, there would be a new copyright case opened.

Well, we've got the official date for that case -- Nov. 4. That's over four months for things to be resolved out of court which, depending on how strong Friedrich's case actually is, may be advantageous to Marvel.

But if that doesn't happen (or if the case isn't opposed in some meaningful way by Aug. 1), then there will be a pretrial conference on Oct. 30, and then the trial will begin in earnest.

The only other potential change has to do with the type of trial. As of now, the case is set to be a jury trial. Unsurprisingly, Marvel doesn't want that, because, let's be honest, jurors like a story where the little guy beats the big corporation, even if they're supposed to be unbiased. Also, a hung jury could keep the case going on forever. Bottom line -- Marvel wants to lose the jury.

Whether this trial will actual happen remains to be seen, but, considering the volume of creators conflicting with Marvel and DC over the years, a case where the writer actually has a shot at winning has been a long time coming.

(via Deadline)

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