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Whoa! Keanu Reeves finally reveals Bill & Ted 3 title at NYCC

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Sep 3, 2019, 8:05 AM EDT (Updated)

Get ready to party on for the third time, dudes and dudettes! Keanu Reeves all but confirmed that a third installment of Bill & Ted is happening and will be titled Bill & Ted: Face the Music. The news came while Reeves was promoting his new sci-fi movie, Replicas, at New York Comic Con. The question now is not if, but when. “We’re just trying to get it made. Show business is tough,” said the 53-year-old John Wick actor.

They’ve met some of history's most greatest men and battled Death himself, so what could possibly be next for the two rocker dudes (Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter) from San Dimas, California, with the time-traveling phone booth?


“It’s a cautionary tale,” Keanu said. “Bill and Ted were supposed to save the world, but when we see they’re like older and they haven’t saved the world. Their children are growing up and their wives are kinda like, ‘What the [F] is going on?’ Bill and Ted are playing to nobody and they’re still trying to write the song to save the world, and it’s just weighing on them. But then the future comes and says, [mimes tapping wristwatch] ‘You gotta [save the world]! You gotta write the song!’ And so begins facing the music. That’s at least what it is right now.”

When it comes to the “future” he mentioned, one might wonder who may be recruiting them this time around, as Rufus (the late, great George Carlin) is no longer a realistic casting option. Maybe another great and/or controversial comedian of our time will be tapped for the role, like Louis C.K., Amy Schumer or Aziz Ansari. Whomever they choose, a film to wrap up a Bill & Ted trilogy is most righteous.

*Air guitar solos commence*