Who'd win a Magneto vs. Gandalf fight? McKellen breaks it down

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

When it comes to sci-fi and fantasy films, the legendary actor Sir Ian McKellen doesn't own just one career-defining role—he's notched two in the past decade. So who does he think would win if X-Men's Magneto and Lord of the Rings' Gandalf faced off?

As most fans would guess, McKellen doesn't think it'd be much of a fight. Gandalf has been around a long time, and epic magic would likely take out Magneto's admittedly nifty mutant powers.

McKellen broke it down on a recent episode of The Colbert Report:

"No, see, because you know Gandalf is more powerful than Magneto ...

Yes, every time [Gandalf would win]. The old guy will do it every time. He's seven thousand years old. He knows it all."

McKellen has a point. Magneto might've faced off with the X-Men a time or two, but Gandalf went toe to toe with a freaking Balrog. Hard to argue with that.

What do you think? Who'd win in a fantasy/sci-fi grudge match?

(Via Digital Spy)