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Whoops! Amazon dropped Doctor Who's next episode a smidge too early

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Nov 23, 2018, 12:15 PM EST (Updated)

Jodie Whittaker's Doctor Who made an early house call when Amazon accidentally released the next episode of the BBC's beloved sci-fi series.

Subscribers to Amazon Prime discovered that they could stream "The Witchfinders" Wednesday night when they logged on to watch the latest episode that aired last Sunday, "Kerblam!" However, if you decided to put on the closed captioning, you received the dialogue for "Kerblam!" The mixup was resolved within a few hours, but not before a number of fans got to watch the upcoming episode before it was set to premiere on the BBC this weekend.

"We’re aware that an upcoming episode of Doctor Who was made available to Amazon Prime users in the US in error," said BBC Studios in an official statement. "We are investigating how this happened and have taken the steps to remove it. BBC Studios would like to apologize if anyone’s enjoyment of the series has been spoiled by this mishap."

The official synopsis for the episode is as follows:

The Doctor, Ryan, Graham and Yaz arrive in 17th-century Lancashire and become embroiled in a witch trial run by the local landowner. As fear stalks the land, the arrival of King James I only serves to intensify the witch hunt. But is there something even more dangerous at work? Can the Doctor and friends keep the people of Bilehurst Cragg safe from all the forces that are massing in the land?

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