Is this who's playing the Wasp in Edgar Wright's Ant Man?

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Oct 18, 2013

If we're going to have Hank Pym on the big screen, you'd better believe we need Janet van Dyne, too.

A big part of Ant-Man's story involves his partner (and, later, wife), Janet can Dyne. You might know Janet better as the Wasp. So as the rumor mill continues discussing who Edgar Wright's Ant-Man will be, we're just as interested (if not more so) in who will be playing the Wasp.

And now we've got our first contender in Parks and Recreation's own Rashida Jones.

The rumor goes that Jones has "chemistry with the other actors." What makes that so notable is that Jones has played opposite Paul Rudd (who is on the top list of Pym hopefuls) in two different feature films.

The reason we're excited about Jones' potential casting isn't just to do with her talent as a performer, but because we know she's a comic fan. In fact, before she was such a busy actor, she was writing a fun indie comic, Frenemy of the State. And if there's one thing we like in a comic-book movie, it's one of our own.

The only downside is that van Dyne looks to be staying out of costume for this first(?) film. According to the rumor, "Janet would be a love interest and a major supporting character, we would see multiple references to her future as The Wasp throughout the film."

Still, we've got our fingers crossed that Rashida lands the part. How about you?

(via Comic Book Movie)

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