Who's Stan Lee's favorite DC superhero? You might be surprised

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Dec 17, 2012

Stan "The Man" Lee is best known for creating a plethora of Marvel Comics' most identifiable characters, but believe it or not, he's not just a Marvel man. Lee loves all comics, including those produced by Marvel's rival DC, and he's even got a favorite DC hero. But which one?

Lee took part in a question-and-answer session via Reddit earlier this week, answering everything from which Marvel supervillain he'd most like to be (Dr. Doom) to whether his mustache has magical powers (well, of course it does). In the midst of all that, he was asked who his favorite hero from the DC Universe is. Here's what he said.

Interesting choice, right? You might think Lee would have gone for someone from the Golden Age, or at least a member of the Justice League. But hey, Lobo's pretty cool, so who's to argue?

Among the other questions Lee fielded were which Marvel hero he'd like to see get a movie next ("Black Panther. He's not too obscure, I hope."), how he deals with writer's block ("When I'm really at an impasse, I'll stop & say to myself: 'Come on you Jerk, it's just words on paper.':) and what the defining moment of his career was.

For the full transcript of Lee's chat with fans, head over to Reddit.

(Reddit via Comic Book Movie)

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