Why 4 cool sci-fi series didn't make the cut this fall

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May 14, 2013

For all the cool new shows we’ll get to check out this fall, there are a whole lot more that didn’t make the cut. So why did these four high-profile sci-fi pilots fail to find a home?

The folks at Entertainment Weekly have put together a great list breaking down why several pilots didn’t make it out alive, including four sci-fi series that sounded like sure-fire hits a few months ago.

Sure, we got pretty lucky with buzzy shows like J.J. Abrams’ Almost Human and the Sleepy Hollow reboot on the way, though we think these four could’ve also been pretty cool if given a chance to grow.

But from gothic soaps to Hunger Games-esque pitches, these pilots will not be gracing the airwaves anytime soon.

So why won’t we be seeing these four shows this fall?

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