Why Arrow producer says S2 is like '21st-century version' of Star Trek

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Sep 18, 2013

With season two, it sounds like The CW’s Arrow will be looking to a sci-fi classic for inspiration. Superhero fans, get ready for the new version of Kirk, Spock and McCoy.

In a chat with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg said they’ve been inspired by the classic dynamic that made Star Trek: The Original Series so great. They’ve also added more humor than ever, though Kreisberg said it has grown organically through the characters.

It sounds like Diggle (David Ramsey) and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) will have even more to do this season, as they become even larger parts of Oliver’s (Stephen Amell) vigilante world.

Check out Kreisberg’s comments below, where he likens the trio to the crew of the Enterprise:

”One of the crew members actually pointed this out to us. He said, ‘The scripts are really funny this year.’ It’s not just Felicity. It’s having Felicity and Dig and Oliver together. Having that triumvirate. All three of the actors are pretty light on their feet. The characters have survived the Undertaking, and they’ve gotten into a bit of a rhythm. One of the things we’re really exploring is that they’ve really become friends. And they really have become family. There’s an easygoing camaraderie about them that allows them to enjoy what they’re doing a little bit more.

This season, it really is a, pardon the expression, threesome. Felicity feels like she should get her say sometimes, and she’s right…. Sometimes Felicity and Dig having a discussion or an argument is really kind of elucidating what’s going on inside Oliver’s head. It’s sort of the 21st century version of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy having an argument in sickbay."

Now, the only question that remains: Who is Spock, and who is McCoy, in this scenario? Oliver would have to be Kirk, right?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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