Why Barrowman thinks any Jack/River Who spinoff should be like Trek

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Jul 30, 2013, 10:21 AM EDT

John Barrowman really, really wants that Captain Jack Harkness and River Song spinoff series to happen. And he knows just exactly how it should go.

In an interview with theTVaddict, John Barrowman shared his ideas on a potential Doctor Who spinoff that would star his character, the immortal and omnisexual Capt. Jack Harkness, and the Doctor's wife herself, River Song, played by Alex Kingston, as well as the direction the show should take.

“I’d like to see the two of them prior to their lives crossing in some time realm where they actually meet up without the Doctors or anything like that and they are rogue heroes. Kind of like what Star Trek did in the very beginning, going around and saving civilisations without trying to get too involved, but they always get involved! They always do the wrong thing but for the right reasons and succeed.”

Barrowman added:

“I think there would be a lot of standing off between the two of them to begin with, because they are two very, very strong characters. Very flirtatious! There would be a lot of innuendo going on. I think they would not do anything with each other for a long time because it would be too predictable. They have to be confined in a spaceship for a little while.”

Still, John Barrowan doesn’t want the fans to get too hopeful about this potential spinoff, saying:

“It’s not up to us. That’s the one thing fans need to remember. Like when they ask on Twitter: ‘When are you going to do another series of Torchwood? When you you be working with the 11th Doctor?’ It’s not up to me… It’s up to the BBC. If they know enough that you want those characters back, they’re smart. But it has to be done right and done well.
“Of course, I’ll play Captain Jack at the drop of the hat if I’m asked to. No questions asked. But it’s up to [the BBC] to get the show off the ground. It’s down to financing and money.”

Well, hopefully, the BBC will see the light of day and get crackin' on a Jack & River series. We’d sure watch that. How about you?

(theTVaddict via Doctor Who TV)