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Why Brannon Braga found early seasons of Enterprise 'strangulating'

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Aug 20, 2013

The story of Enterprise is an interesting one, as it was one of the few Star Trek shows engineered to appeal to mainstream audiences in an effort to re-energize the franchise. So what did producer Brannon Braga find so “strangulating” about the series?

As we know now, Enterprise pretty much failed to bring in non-fans (and alienated quite a few of the faithful), and now the team behind the series has opened up about the troubled development and how network involvement played a key role in some of the problems.

Released as part of the season two Blu-ray release, the interview shows Braga and the cast and crew getting very candid about what went wrong. One of the biggest problems? An early series mandate to tell self-contained stories, which Braga apparently despised. In the special features, Braga called the approach “strangulating,” as he talks about the decision to bring in some long-term arcs in the final few years.

Check out the interview clip above. It’s a fascinating watch.

So what did you think of Enterprise? A total mess, or misunderstood awesomeness? 

(Via Ain’t It Cool News)

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