Why Bryan Singer thinks X-Men can be just as big as Marvel's Cinematic Universe

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Feb 20, 2014, 11:51 AM EST (Updated)

Bryan Singer is aiming to make the biggest X-Men film yet with Days of Future Past this year, but it sounds like that might just be the beginning of his grand plan.

Sure, Marvel might be ruling the box office with franchises like Iron Man and The Avengers, but arguably its biggest characters have set up shop at other studios. Among the ones that got away? X-Men, which has been locked up at 20th Century Fox for more than a decade.

Everyone seems to be eyeing the shared-universe bandwagon pioneered by Marvel over the past few years, and though Fox only has access to the X-Men canon, Singer said he believes it holds just as much potential as Marvel Studios entire catalog. Considering the cultural awareness of X-Men and Wolverine, we’d be hard pressed to argue.

Singer opened up about the prospects in an interview with Collider, and said X-Men could expand on its own universe in a big way, so long as the quality is tightly controlled. As we all know from X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine, things can go haywire very quickly without a visionary pulling the strings. Here’s how Singer explained it:

“I think they always understood that the X-Men universe is every bit as exciting and large and potentially fruitful as the remaining Marvel Universe. They’re different characters. The Marvel characters are very familiar, they have household names like the Hulk and Spider-Man, things like that, but that doesn’t mean the X-Men universe is any less rich. Time travel is something that is a staple part of the X-Men universe that we were able to explore, and a lot of great new characters.

So at some point, it’s just doing it right, you can’t just whip up that formula and go ‘Uh here is my Gambit movie and my Deadpool movie, this movie, and that movie, and they’re all gonna be hits!’ You’ve gotta take care with each one. It’s different, they’re different, they’re not household name characters that you’re smashing together. There’s like Avengers for instance, some of them are ensemble characters, it’s kind of a different universe, it’s more thematic, it’s like a more serious universe, and it requires a different kind of care that I think Fox is anxious to explore.”

It goes without saying: Singer’s absolutely right. It’s fascinating to think about all the awesome stories you could tell within the X-Men universe, and you could make movies for decades just by digging through the highlights of the comic canon. With X-Men: Apocalypse already on the way, and rumblings of X-Force rattling around Hollywood, we could be well on our way to seeing it.

What do you think? Could X-Men rival Marvel’s whole world with the right hand at the wheel? Is Singer the man for the job?

(Via Collider)