Why did you say that name??? She's returning to Gotham, that's why

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Oct 3, 2018, 10:45 PM EDT

It seems that you can't ever count out the Wayne family, even when they've been pumped full of lead. We have word today that none other than Martha (MARTHA!!!) Wayne is returning to Gotham for its fifth and final season, and that she will be played once again by Brette Taylor.

The news was confirmed by, though they are unsure as to whether Taylor (who appeared as Martha in the show's pilot) will appear because of a flashback, or in some other fashion.

Speculation was set off earlier this week when Taylor tweeted out what looked to be a reunion on the Gotham set. An image showed her sitting with Gotham stars Sean Pertwee (Alfred) and Cameron Monaghan (Jeremiah), with the caption "Takin a break with the gang" along with a Martha Wayne hashtag. The tweet has since vanished, but the news has not. The photo showed that she was on set, but has since confirmed that Taylor was definitely there filming for Season 5, and doing so as Martha Wayne.

They go on to report that the big return will happen in Episode 7, and that Gotham writer/producer Tze Chun has revealed that the episode is titled "Ace Chemicals." This, of course, is leading everyone to think that it will be centered on Jeremiah/Joker, due to the iconic Joker-related status of that chemical plant from the comics. Season 4 let us know that Jeremiah has some ties to the Waynes, so Martha's re-entry could definitely be tied to his story. Will it be a flashback, or will it be a hallucination? Would the show actually go so far as to resurrect Martha Wayne entirely?

Yes, absolutely. It definitely would.

Gotham will return for the fifth and final flight early in 2019. Martha Wayne will apparently be coming too.