Why do politicians hate smart people?

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May 6, 2008

I pointed out recently about the anti-intellectual gasbag that is Tennessee Republican John Duncan, saying that using experts to help make policy decision is "elitist", like that's a bad thing.

But now Hillary Clinton has jumped on this make-us-all-dumber bandwagon. Sean basically nails it.

Mrs. Clinton's campaign has been going increasingly off-the-rails lately, between her lying, her pandering (such as on this ridiculous gas holiday issue), and her attacks on Obama that are undeserved and unwarranted. It's really become obvious to me that she is still in this race due to ego, and hardly anything else. I think the Hillary Clinton of several months ago would have made a good President -- and I think that if push came to shove she'd still do pretty well, and certainly better than McCain (but then, I think a ficus would do better than McCain) -- but it's nonsensical garbage like this that pushes me toward Obama.

Let me make this clear: people are generally experts in a field for a reason. They've studied it. They've experienced it. They've done research, published papers, looked at the results, tried to interpret them, made predictions, done further experiments. They learn from what they experience.

That's why they're experts.

So when she uses the (oft-cited by Republicans) "elitist" card, then what she's saying to me is "experience counts for nothing". Which is pretty darned funny and ironic, given that's that how she terms the struggle between her and Obama for the Democratic nod.

Plus, it's just stupid. Experience should count, and it must count. The last thing we need is yet another know-nothing Administration that ignores all the advice being given and all the reality taking place around it.

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