Why Dominic Monaghan never watched the Lost series finale

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Jan 29, 2013, 1:09 PM EST (Updated)

The series finale of Lost was one of the biggest (and most divisive) TV events of the last decade. So why has one of the show's stars never bothered to watch it?

In an interview this week, Dominic Monaghan said that he still hasn't seen the show's final episode, even though he's had nearly three years to go back and check it out. Monaghan's character, Charlie Pace, drowned on the island at the end of season three, but thanks to flashbacks and an alternate timeline he made several appearances in the show's final three years, and had a prominent part in the finale. He acted in it, but he hasn't seen it. Why?

"I didn't see the end, I was working at the time," Monaghan said. "I was doing a film called I Sell The Dead, which was a kind of period-horror movie, and I'm very susceptible, in that sponge-like brain part of me, to taking on board characteristics of friends or certainly characters that I've played. And I didn't want to watch Charlie, because I knew if I watched Charlie I'd be much more like him and the character I played in this film I Sell The Dead was nothing like Charlie."

So he didn't watch the finale at the time of its 2010 airing because he didn't want to compromise his acting. Fair enough. But why hasn't he just gone back and taken a peek since then?

"No, because then I'd have to watch it all again -- I'd have to go all the way back to season 1 and just kill myself watching it all again," Monaghan said when asked if he'd go back and watch.

Maybe one day Monaghan will go back and watch the whole series over again, but some fans probably think he's better off not seeing the finale that frustrated many of the Lost faithful who didn't get the answers they so desperately wanted. But even if he hasn't seen the episode, Monaghan is still willing to defend the show's writers from angry fans.

"There's so many fans of Lost -- so many millions of fans around the world -- there's so many people that were happy with it and then there's gonna be a few people that are gonna be disappointed with it," Monaghan said. "I mean that's the thing, in this climate, like, because there's so many people who like it -- like Justin Bieber has so many fans, that means that some of those fans are gonna absolutely adore everything that he does, and any move that he makes, some people in his fan are gonna hate it because you can't please all the people all the time."

So at least one Lost fan hasn't ever seen the final episode ... and he was in it. What do you think? Should Monaghan bother taking a look, or will he be ultimately disappointed even though he already knows Charlie's eventual fate? 

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