Why a Game of Thrones star is (kinda) glad all the fans hate her

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Mar 20, 2013, 1:06 PM EDT

By all accounts, 17-year-old actress Sophie Turner seems like a delightful young lady. So why do Game of Thrones fans keep going up to her in public and saying they hate her?

Easy answer: She plays the extremely annoying Sansa Stark, who many fans love to hate on the hit HBO series. Plus the book version of Sansa is a lot worse than the TV version, so a lot of fans still hold a grudge.

So after the show became such a hit, Turner had some issues dealing with fans when they started throwing disses her way. But she’s essentially learned to embrace the hate now, because it just means she’s doing her job really, really well:

“At first it kind of came as a shock because people didn’t like Sansa; she isn’t a fan favorite. A lot of fans that recognize me go, ‘I kind of hate you,’ and I’m all, ‘Cool, well, you’ve just made this sufficiently awkward.’ I thought I was being personally attacked, but I knew I wasn’t. It was all new to me...

[Sansa's] the least favorite in the books so I guess I’m doing my job if I’m the least favorite in the show. Now I don’t really read [online comments] and I’m pretty happy with reactions to Sansa because she’s a kick-ass character.”

Love or hate Sansa, Turner has to be happy that she’s playing a role that draws such visceral reaction from fans. It makes her an icon, and fans will likely remember her for the rest of her career.

What do you think of Sansa on Thrones? Do you hate her so much you’d blast Turner if you met her?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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