Why Harrison Ford says he isn't too old to make a new Indiana Jones

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Aug 6, 2013

We’re still waiting around to see if Steven Spielberg thinks the world needs another Indiana Jones film, but star Harrison Ford believes there is still room for one more adventure — with a few tweaks, of course.

At 71 years old, Ford is quite a bit older than when he first portrayed the treasure-hunting archaeologist a few decades ago. But even in his 70s, he still thinks he could don the hat once again. They just might have to leave the whip behind.

Much as they tried (and failed) to do with the 2008 abomination Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Ford says a new Indiana Jones movie could work if it focused on an older and wiser version of the character facing a new set of challenges.

Here’s how he explained it to The Telegraph:

“We’ve seen the character develop and grow over a period of time and it’s perfectly appropriate and okay for him to come back again with a great movie around him where he doesn’t necessarily have to kick as much ass. To me, what was interesting about the character was that he prevailed, that he had courage, that he had wit, that he had intelligence, that he was frightened and that he still managed to survive. That I can do.”

It’s an interesting thought, and we’re definitely curious to see what a wise old Indy could do with a new adventure. What do you think?

(Via The Telegraph)

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