Why King's Under the Dome cut a scene featuring the president

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Jun 17, 2013

It might feature a small town covered up by a massive, impenetrable dome — but CBS’s series based on Stephen King’s Under the Dome is aiming for realism. However, a last-minute edit means it will no longer feature the real president.

A scene in the upcoming series, which debuts June 24, apparently featured an audio snippet from President Obama’s speech given in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. The producers had originally integrated the audio into the fictional newscasts covering the dome phenomenon, though the network has now opted to ax it.

Why? Because, after some thought, they figured it would probably offend people to repurpose a speech given during a real tragedy to sell the events of a fictional one. In a statement from the network, they noted: “The scene cleared broadcast standards, but both Amblin TV and CBS had concerns about using actual audio in this specific fictional context.”

Not a bad thought, and you’d have to think that brief scene probably isn’t worth the potential negative press they could incur from repurposing the aftermath of a real tragedy into the footage.

What do you think? Right decision, or an overreaction?

(Via Deadline)

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