Why Lucy Lawless doesn't expect to have a role in that Xena reboot

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Sep 3, 2015

Fandom has been buzzing in the wake of reports that NBC is looking to revive the cult hit Xena: Warrior Princess for a new generation — but it doesn’t sound like original star Lucy Lawless expects to have much to do with the reboot.

In an interview with Den of Geek, Lawless opened up about the project and said she doesn’t expect to be involved. NBC entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt previously said they could have a place for Lawless in the project, assuming it didn’t overshadow the new direction they’re taking it. But, at least according to these fresh comments from Lawless, it sounds like there might not be much room for her.

The reason? She doesn’t think there’s much of a place for her at this point, as it’d be hard to have her show back up kicking butt at the age of 47. We don’t so much agree on the age issue (she still looks fantastic!), though it would be hard to pass the baton to a younger hero with Lawless in the same scene. Fans want to see her kicking butt, not passing batons.

Here’s an excerpt from Lawless’ comments:

“No one really dies! Screw her head back on, it’s a bit wonky, and she’s got a really bad attitude since she’s been in a box for 20 years. [laughs] I’m probably not up for that gig. I can’t imagine how you could tell the story with me at 47-years-old and make it work.”

I’ve never received a call about [the reboot]; it’s nothing to do with us, honestly, [though] I know Rob (Tapert, her husband) is meeting with them. It’d be crazy not to make it one way or another. I just hope they can honor the original intent of the show… and I really do want Xena and Gabrielle to live again one way or another. I’d love to be part of that, but even if I’m not, I wish them well.”

Despite the fact that Lawless might not fit into the narrative of the project, it’s nice to see she’s still in favor of Xena living on in some capacity. As for NBC, they’re between a rock and a hard place. The original series has too much canon weighing it down for a continuation, which would almost certainly come off as exclusionary for new fans. But, by going with a clean slate, you risk alienating the existing fans.

What do you think? What direction should Xena take next?

(Via Den of Geek)

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