Why Marvel picked Joss Whedon over Jon Favreau for Avengers

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Jun 25, 2015

Jon Favreau killed with the first Iron Man movie. So why isn't he directing The Avengers? And why was Iron Man 2 so ... well ... disappointing? Turns out both of those questions have the same answer: Blame Marvel!

After his success with Iron Man, Favreau seemed to be the most obvious choice to direct a blockbuster gathering of Marvel's greatest heroes, but he was never even considered for The Avengers. Thanks to cinemablend's inside source, we know why, even though Favreau wanted the job, Marvel decided to look elsewhere.

And it all comes down (as you might expect) to money.

Favreau had managed to wrangle himself a raise for the second Iron Man picture, and that made him too expensive for an FX-laden ensemble film like The Avengers. You might think the director Marvel did go with, Joss Whedon, would be equally expensive, but you'd be wrong—regardless of talent, Whedon just doesn't draw as big a paycheck as Favreau.

Just as well. After the way Marvel interfered with Iron Man 2, turning it into more of a commercial for future Marvel movies rather than letting it be a decent movie on its own, Favreau is probably better off.

We're just hoping things get straightened out before it's time for the next Iron Man movie. We can't think of anyone better to be behind the camera on Iron Man 3 than Favreau.

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