Why Moffat is 'reasonably confident' we'll have a female Doctor someday

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Oct 1, 2013, 10:30 AM EDT (Updated)

We still haven’t gotten a female Doctor — and it looks like it’ll be at least a few more years, with Peter Capaldi now poised to take over the TARDIS — but that hasn’t dampened showrunner Steven Moffat’s faith in the ladies.

Fans have been clamoring (or at least curious) to see how a female lead would fare on the acclaimed BBC series Doctor Who, and though Moffat hasn’t cast one (yet), he says he’s “reasonably confident” it will happen eventually.

Why? Because the right woman will come along at some point, and some showrunner down the line will make the call. Essentially, he says it hasn’t happened up until this point because they haven’t found the right woman. Yet.

Here’s what he told Nerd Cubed about the gender issue:

"The problem with this whole [female Doctor] argument is everybody [just] says 'a woman' - you don't ever cast 'a man' as the Doctor, you cast a particular man.

"One day I'm reasonably confident somebody in this [showrunner] role - whether it's me or someone else - will say not, 'Let's cast a woman', they'll say, 'That person, that's the one who could the be the Doctor'. You're just casting someone that you think will set that role on fire. I think for now that is Peter - I thought it was Matt [Smith] before - it's not about the gender thing."

Do you think Moffat is right, and that a woman will eventually take over the TARDIS? Or is it just too much of a change for the 50-year-old series? 

(Via Digital Spy)