Why NASA will pay you 18K to stay in bed and relax for a long, LONG time

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Sep 20, 2013

If you really, really like staying in bed, NASA's got a job for you.

The space administration is seeking subjects for a new study that will require lying on your back in bed for 70 days. That's right, more than three months of staying in bed while NASA scientists see how your body reacts to various bed angles that are designed to simulate how the body copes in the zero-gravity environment of space travel. And if staying in bed for 70 days sounds good to you, you'll be even more excited to know that NASA will pay participants $18,000 to take part.

It is, however, a little more complicated than just lying down for several weeks. According to the description of the study on NASA's website, some subjects will be asked to participate in an exercise regimen that will be performed lying down using specialized equipment, all geared toward studying how exercising during spaceflight affects things like cardiovascular function and loss of muscle mass. Other subjects will simply lie down, though there is a period of time at the beginning and end of the study when you'll have a chance to get out of bed and perform normal tasks. While you're confined to strict bed rest, you'll be able to do things like watch TV, read, play games and work (if you're able to work from a distance, that is), but you won't be able to get up. Because of the non-bed-rest periods both before and after the strict bed-rest portion of the study, you'll actually spend either 97 or 105 days at NASA's Flight Analogs Research Unit (FARU) in Galveston, Texas, for the study, depending on whether you're exercising or not.

If all this sounds like fun to you, you can apply to be part of the study here, and have just as much fun as the volunteers pictured above seem to be having. It's not as exciting as being an actual astronaut, but as NASA prepares for the next phase of human spaceflight, it is a vital part of the process. What do you think? Up for it?

(Via News 13)

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