Why Neil deGrasse Tyson thinks aliens might not bother with us

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Jul 17, 2013, 1:48 PM EDT

Even if aliens are out there watching us, Neil deGrasse Tyson has a theory about why they may never say hello.

In a new video recorded for Business Insider, the always-popular astrophysicist, television presenter, radio host and supernerd opined on the possibility of future contact with intelligent life visiting Earth from another planet, and though he thinks it's certainly possible that aliens have been watching us, they may have simply decided we're not smart enough to commit to a full-on introduction.

"I wonder if, in fact, we have been observed by aliens and upon close examination of human conduct and human behavior they have concluded that there is no sign of intelligent life on Earth," he said.

Tyson expanded on this idea by pointing out just how advanced an alien civilization would have to be to travel from a distant star system to our own, while by comparison humanity has only taken manned flights as far as the moon (so far). With that in mind, he worries that said alien civlization would simply think of us as ... well ... worms.

"You don't walk by the worm on the street and say, 'Gee, I wonder what he's thinking.' No, you step on the worm," Tyson said.

Ouch. If Tyson's correct about that particular part of the scenario, we'd actually prefer it if aliens just sailed on by. 

Check out the full video above. What do you think? Could aliens really pass us over?

(Via Huffington Post)