Why the original Rani thinks Moffat's wrong and should bring her back to Who

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Oct 4, 2013, 3:15 PM EDT

The villain who's become a surprising source of contention between Moffat and Who fans weighs in on her own future.

Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarans, Silurians, Ice Warriors, the Master and more classic Doctor Who villains have each made their return to the series since it relaunched in 2005. But there's been a notable exception from that last which fans keep circling back to -- the Rani. She was the other renegade Time Lord. She wasn't as obsessed with world domination as the Master, but she was fixated on her own amoral success as a scientist, placing more value on results than on human (or alien) life.

She's also entirely forgettable according to Moffat, anyway, who said, "No one knows who the Rani is. There’s no point in bringing her back. If there’s a line it’s probably somewhere there."

So, just to be clear, the Great Intelligence, who hasn't been around since the '60s, is a baddie everyone is familiar with, but the Rani, who didn't vanish until the late '80s, is a total unknown.

Okay, Moffat.

So what does original Rani, Kate O'Mara, have to say about all this? She is, unsurprisingly, in favor of the character's return. In fact, she thinks she could still play her! Here's her pitch on the how and why:

I would love to come back. I have white hair now, but a lot of it, and I’m still very glamorous and so I won’t disappoint, I hope! I’ll still be wearing the tight leather trousers and high-heel boots, regardless of what age! That’s what the fans are expecting, so that’s what you’ve got to give them.

I’m a much older woman and there’s a huge population of older people who, if they’re watching television, they can’t watch Hollyoaks.

If you put a much older woman in Doctor Who, they can identify with it. I think it’s quite an interesting concept and if you remember things like Grimm’s Fairytales, the older woman is often the villainess, often the terrifying figure – why I do not know, but often she is. I think it’s an idea to be exploited.

Good points all. And, frankly, they could also pretty easily regenerate the character after one O'Mara appearence and then bring in someone new, too. There are lots of options for what we think is a character still teeming with possibilities.

What do you think, though? Should the Rani return, or should Moffat keep us on our toes and bring the Kandyman in first?

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