Why Revolution exec promises show will be 'American Game of Thrones'

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Mar 1, 2013, 9:38 AM EST

It’s been months since we last visited the post-electric world of NBC’s Revolution, and during the hiatus the creators have made some pretty big changes to the hit series. One of the biggest? The back half of season one will apparently be less scrappy adventurers and more political intrigue.

The show has already hinted at the world beyond the Monroe Republic, and producer Eric Kripke and co-star Giancarlo Esposito say they’ll be digging deeper into the politics of North America once the series returns.

Kripke even pulled the trump card and compared the new direction to HBO’s acclaimed series Game of Thrones, and said they’re trying to make a future-set sci-fi take on the highbrow drama genre.

Per TV Guide:

"We've seen personal relationship struggles and personal revolutions happen, but we haven't seen how this particular power outage has affected the whole world. We're about to," Esposito teases. With the revolution finally beginning, everyone has their own role to play, roles that will take them outside of the Monroe Republic. "We'll see the Georgia Federation this season, we'll see the Plains Nation this season — and they're wildly different nations ... We really want this to evolve into kind of an American Game of Thrones,” Kripke says. But with the world expanding, don't expect our recently reunited gang of misfits to stay together too long.

The return date of March 25 is getting closer, but we’re still about a month away from seeing how that shocking cliffhanger will resolve itself.

Do you like the fact that the writers are changing direction, or do you wish they’d stick with the smaller stories a la early season one?

(Via TV Guide)