Why Ron Moore thinks sci-fi has devolved into popcorn

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Feb 4, 2014, 11:43 AM EST

Do you believe that there's a dearth of "mature" science fiction on TV right now? Ron D. Moore seems to think so.

That's the opinion the Helix showrunner expressed in an interview with Digital Spy.

Speaking about today's state of sci-fi on TV as well as in movies, Moore said:

“I think science-fiction for the last 15 or 20 years - on television and in movies - has devolved to just popcorn," he says, citing Helix as one of the few examples of more "adult" TV sci-fi. “To do something in this genre, it had to be just light and fluffy and silly and adventurous.
“I think that science-fiction can be deeper, it can be meatier, it can be more adult. It can take itself a little more seriously and try to do something different. That's certainly what we set out to do with Battlestar and I think that Helix is a good venue for that as well.”

The Battlestar Galactica showrunner also spoke about working on reboots versus offering original sci-fi series programs.

“When you do something original, it's one set of challenges - staring at the blank page and trying to figure out what it is,” Moore explains. “But when you're starting with a book or an existing property, it's a different set of challenges.
“You think, how can I move these pieces around in a different way? How can I give this familiarity without it feeling stale? They're different intellectual puzzles, but I enjoy both ways of working.
“Sometimes you can put a different spin on it, sometimes you can't,” he says. “Battlestar Galactica was something that fell in my lap and I just had a take that worked.”

And if you're curious as to whether we're getting a second season of Helix, Moore said that "it's a little too early" to tell, but that if so, "It would look very different from the first."

While we think genre TV (and by genre we mean everything encompassing fantasy/sci-fi/horror) is alive and kicking and more popular than ever -- just look at The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Orphan Black, Millennium, Being Human, Bitten and Revolution, just to name a few -- they're not hardcore sci-fi shows like Star Trek and Stargate were. Doctor Who itself is walking a fine line between sci-fi and fantasy.

Do you guys agree with Ron Moore's comments on the state of today's sci-fi on TV?

(via Digital Spy)