Why Stan Lee thinks he should cameo in a movie from Marvel's biggest competitor

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Oct 21, 2013

Stan Lee's cameos in Marvel Comics superhero movies are the stuff of legend, but now it seems he wants to head across the street ... to DC Comics.

Lee's popped up in one way or another in just about every Marvel superhero flick ever made, and fans are always looking forward to spotting him when a new film rolls out. Lee, always a larger-than-life comics personality, relishes his brief moments in the big-screen spotlight, so much so that he apparently wants the folks at DC Comics to wrangle him a spot in their next blockbuster: Batman vs. Superman.

While attending Wizard World Nashville Comic-Con over the weekend, Lee was asked about his many movie cameos, and after claiming (perhaps jokingly) that one of the reasons Marvel's films make so much money is that fans who missed his cameo the first time around buy another ticket to get a second chance to spot him, he offered up an idea for DC and Warner Bros.

“I’ll show you why DC isn’t so smart," Lee said. "If I were the head of DC, I would contact me and say, ‘How about doing a cameo in the next Superman movie?’ Can you imagine? Nobody would believe it. Everybody would go see it.”

Lee has done some work at DC Comics before. In 2001 and 2002 he wrote a series of books titled Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating, in which he re-imagined many of the company's most iconic characters. His likeness also appeared, very briefly, in a 1998 episode of Superman: The Animated Series, though that likeness was removed from later broadcasts of the episode. He's also already appeared in two films that also featured Warner Bros.' new Batman, Ben Affleck. Both Lee and Affleck showed up in Kevin Smith's comic-book-tinged 1995 comedy, Mallrats, as well as, of course, 2003's Daredevil

Lee's always been a tongue-in-cheek kinda guy in the public eye, so it's hard to tell just how serious he is about popping up in DC's most ambitious blockbuster yet, but even if he is joking, seeing him alongside Superman and Batman would still be an interesting cinematic curiosity. What do you think? Should Warner Bros. draft Lee for a crossover?


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