Why Stephen Moyer thinks it was 'the right call' to end True Blood with S7

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Dec 9, 2013, 1:42 PM EST

Stephen Moyer has opened up about HBO’s decision to end True Blood with its upcoming seventh season.

And the British actor is apparently A-okay with this, saying that it was "the right call."

Why's that? Here’s what Moyer had to say in an interview with TVLine:

“I think they made the right call to say, ‘Let’s finish it on a massive run of 10 episodes,’” he tells TVLine, adding that the cabler considered extending the series through an eighth season. “It was either going to be one season or two seasons… and I would’ve definitely [stayed] on. But it’s very difficult with a show like ours to keep finding a Big Bad and creating all the drama around it.”

Despite being all right with True Blood ending its successful run next summer with season seven, Moyer knows how he'll feel when the end comes:

Sad… You know what a crazy group of people it is. Around Episode 4 or 5 [of every season] we always start getting panicked about that season ending, because it’s a f—ing family. That word is bandied about a little bit too much, but it really does feel like [a family]. I’m going to be very excited about what’s to come [career-wise], but slightly bereft that it’s all going to be done.

Do you agree with Moyer that HBO made the right call about ending one of its hit TV shows with season seven—or do you believe the series still had more life in it for a couple more seasons? Will you miss seeing the denizens of Bon Temps?

True Blood's seventh and final season will air in the summer of 2014.

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