Why Steven Moffat doubts River Song will return for Doctor Who's 8th series

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Jan 10, 2014, 4:48 PM EST (Updated)

Hello, sweetie! Or rather -- goodbye, sweetie! Looks like River Song’s return to Doctor Who may not be a sure thing after all, and here’s the bizarre reason why.

Despite Alex Kingston’s repeated hints that she’d be making a return to Auntie Beeb's beloved sci-fi series, Who showrunner Steven Moffat himself is playing a different tune and is unsure whether the Doctor’s wife will even make an appearance during Peter Capaldi’s tenure as the new Time Lord.

Here's what Moffat told Doctor Who Magazine:

“It’s always down to whether there’s a good story. My immediate instinct was that story’s probably done. Not that we saw all of it, but I never thought we should see all of it. I’m slightly tempted, because I imagine Peter Capaldi and Alex Kingston would be absolutely hilarious together…”
“She could certainly have met other Doctors. So there’s nothing stopping us… But is there anything new we can do? Or is the new thing that Peter Capaldi and Alex Kingston would be very sexy together? Is that enough? We’ve always had fun with the fact that they don’t look like a couple.”
“Peter Capaldi and Alex Kingston would look like a couple – that’s the thing. Whereas I thought Matt and Alex were gorgeous together, but it looked slightly strange, because he was so much younger. Alex is just great fun to have on the show. It’s when you want to throw the Doctor a bit, because what River does so well is to make him a bit on the back foot and a bit flustered.”

Do you guys agree with Steven Moffat's reasoning here? Do you believe that Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor and River Song worked because they basically didn’t look like a couple? And that it essentially wouldn’t work between Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor and River because they would look too much like a couple?! Does that even make sense?

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