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Why studio execs didn't like E.T. + 12 more sci-fi classics

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:26 AM EDT (Updated)

Even a future classic can look like a guaranteed flop in the eyes of a studio executive.

Running a major movie studio is a job full of calculated risk. People come to you with ideas, and you evaluate those ideas and see if they're worth spending money on, and if so, how much money. We get really cynical about Hollywood, but the reality is that these people are running businesses. They need to turn a profit, and if they think Pirates of the Carribean 12 is the way to do it, they turn on the green light. 

But for every colossal blockbuster a studio executive backs, there's likely at least one other film they should have backed. Every studio has a sad story involving a risky project they turned down, only to watch that project go to another studio and make millions and often become a landmark piece of American cinema. So, in celebration of our own cinematic hindsight, here are 13 pieces of sci-fi greatness that some executive, at some point, wanted no part of.

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