Why Thor: Ragnarok axed a romance between Valkyrie and the God of Thunder

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Nov 13, 2017, 4:27 PM EST

Thor: Ragnarok introduced us to several new great characters, including Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie. A onetime love interest of the God of Thunder in the pages of Marvel Comics, Valkyrie was originally meant to play a similar role in the Marvel film until Eric Pearson took a stab at the script for the third Thor movie.

According to Yahoo! Movies, Pearson explained that original screenwriters Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost had Chris Hemsworth’s Thor and Valkyrie getting up close and personal, but when he took over screenwriting duties on director Taika Waititi’s Marvel film, they decided against going that particular route for the character’s first outing.

“We didn’t want to start from that place," Pearson said. "It was like, Let’s give Valkyrie her own story that connects with Thor … and if it makes sense for them to get together, then great. You’ve got two really good-looking people who can fight and who’d probably be [good together] if the story went there, but it just didn’t. It became more about the mutual respect, and also dealing with her PTSD. She’s someone who’s drowning her sorrows in the bottle, and I just thought that was such a cool thing that you don’t often see in these movies: somebody dealing with extreme guilt and shame in a colorful, Taika Waititi[-directed] hilarious background.”

Pearson also had a few more tidbits to say about Valkyrie’s rumored bisexuality in the film, saying that it was “neither confirmed nor denied in the script” but that he would defer to Thompson about that. “She’s the actor, a great actress, and in that person’s skin.”

What do you guys think? Did they make the right call by axing the potential romance between Valkyrie and Thor for Ragnarok?