Why Twilight's Pattinson said 'keep it in your pants' at Comic-Con

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May 21, 2015, 3:02 PM EDT

Most Twilight fans are going to have to wait until November to see the final movie, Breaking Dawn Part 2, but lucky attendees at Comic-Con got to see some of the movie a little bit early.

As part of the final Twilight panel at Comic-Con (since there are no more books left to adapt!), author Stephenie Meyer introduced a video message from director Bill Condon, who is overseeing scoring of the film in London. He in turn told the audience that they were about to see the first seven minutes of the film—which picks up exactly where Breaking Dawn Part 1 left off.

Once she opens her now-red eyes, Bella (Kristen Stewart) bounds off her bed and embraces Edward (Robert Pattinson)—and, not knowing her own newfound vampire strength, almost crushes him. No sooner does Ed warn her that she has to "control her thirst" than the two are off into the woods, with lots of footage of them running through the trees in "vampire time," which is sort of like bullet time, to find some poor animal to drain.

Bella, however, is tempted by the sight of a rock climber and crawls up a sheer cliff after him like a blood-drinking Spider-Man before deciding not to become a murderer five minutes into her new unlife. She tracks a deer instead, but when a mountain lion comes on the scene, the deer gets a lucky reprieve and Bella chows down on the big kitty,

Satisfied, she and Edward head home and are greeted by Jacob (Taylor Lautner), who admits that they look great together but carefully avoids telling Bella he's imprinted on her newborn daughter, Renesme. The trio head into the house as we fade to black ...

Of course, the crowd, made up mostly of hardcore Twi-hards, lapped it all up, along with a later clip of Bella getting advice from the Cullens on how to appear and act more like a human. ("Move your shoulders so that you look like you're breathing.")

Meyer was joined onstage by three leads and the members of the Cullen clan for a trip down memory lane as fans stepped up to ask questions about making these movies over the past five years. No real surprises, although Pattinson brought down the house when asked what advice Edward in Breaking Dawn would give Edward in the original Twilight.

His answer? "Keep it in your pants."

Actors playing members of the Denori clan, the Egyptian clan, the Irish clan and a few other vampire clans come out at the end for a curtain call and final bow as the Twilight phenomenon leaves the Comic-Con stage for the very last time ...