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Why Tyler Posey thinks his Teen Wolf character is 'kind of like Gandhi'

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Jun 3, 2013

There's a storm brewing when MTV's Teen Wolf returns tonight for the premiere of its third season, and according to star Tyler Posey, who plays teenage werewolf Scott McCall, things are going to get a bit more grown up and a lot scarier.

“The pack of Alphas are a huge, huge deal in the third season. They're there for a couple different reasons, reasons that you don't figure out until [later in] the season,” said Posey in an exclusive interview with Blastr. “They cause a lot of problems. There's five of them. In the first season an Alpha was the scariest thing alone by itself. It was insane to deal with and impossible. So the fact that we're dealing with a full pack, it just makes matters so much worse. But it's good for Scott because it gives him a reason to try to be civilized and try to make everything work the way he wants to work.”

Scott's attempt to remain civilized will be a challenged, promises Posey. “He's got a lot of growth that happens in this season, very early on in this season, too. He has a couple different arcs so far in the beginning of this season. He goes through many different emotional roller-coaster rides where his life depends on it, or where he has to figure out how to save his friends' lives. And trying not to kill people on the way. Scott's a good guy, but he doesn't like to resort to violence or murder. He has to figure things out in a more civilized manner. He's kind of like Gandhi.”

While it may be a little difficult to imagine Scott as Gandhi, Posey believes Scott is “definitely growing a lot this season. He's becoming a man and becoming the person that he wants to be. Becoming a superhero and just a really well-rounded, smart individual. He's trying to become basically an Alpha, but not really. He's not trying to be. He just kind of plays the role of an Alpha.”

As the new season opens up, four months have passed since the events of the season-two finale, where Jackson almost died, Allison lost her mother, Scott's mother found out he was a werewolf, Derek's pack was attacked, and Peter Hale was resurrected.

“When we pick up with this season, Scott couldn't be happier. He's doing well in school for the first time ever. He's being a good friend. He's just a happy person. He's working out every day and really focusing on making himself a better person before anything happens in Beacon Hills. Right now, there's been a four-month break from all the supernatural stuff going on,” said Posey.

And he's been on a break with his girlfriend, Allison, who he didn't see all summer. The other big development is that two members of Derek's pack are missing.

As for Stiles and Scott, their bromance continues. “But Stiles is doing his own thing this season, and being more of a detective. So Scott befriends Isaac a little more, and he and Isaac become a little team. But Scott and Stiles are still completely best friends. Nothing will ever get in the way of that. But yeah, Scott and Isaac have a better relationship this season. They look out for each other now, they're friends. Derek and Scott are now friends. Derek doesn't see Scott as a lesser human being or a lesser werewolf anymore. He sees Scott as someone that he can trust and rely on to save his life. So he built up a lot of respect for Scott in the last two seasons. Scott's relationship with everyone this season is just so much better. Everyone's just becoming a team, except for the bad guys. But Scott's really making an effort to make everyone 'a part of his pack,'” said Posey.

“From the first season to now, he's made a huge, huge difference. The first season, he went through a lot of challenges. He was a kid going through all these challenges all the time. It was impossible. He was growing up, he had no idea what he was doing, and now he's got a lot of experience under his belt. I see Scott just completely keep progressing in the right direction. I think he could be a really good leader, and an Alpha to a pack. Whether that means he wants to or not, I think that's kind of in his future, because he's got this in his gene pool, basically, to be this leader person. Because he is just full of good. There's no evil. But he won't take any s--t, you know? He won't take no for an answer or anything. He's tough. He's stern. He gets his point across. But he's good. He's got great intentions about him. I think he'll just progress. I can't wait to see what happens in the next few seasons,” he said.

Teen Wolf premieres tonight on MTV at 10 p.m. ET.

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