Why this Walking Dead star is NOT happy with last night's shocking finale

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Dec 1, 2014

If you’ve finally stopped crying and picked your jaw up off the floor following last night’s midseason finale of The Walking Dead, it turns out you’re not the only one upset about that shocking final scene.

Major, huge, gigantic spoilers ahead for last night’s midseason finale of The Walking Dead!

The hostage trade for Beth (Emily Kinney) and Carol (Melissa McBride) looked like it was going off without a hitch, until Dawn (Christine Woods) tried to change the terms after the deal was closed. Beth, embracing her inner hero, stabbed Dawn with a pair of scissors ... which caused her gun to go off and blow the top of Beth’s head off.

After all this growth, development and work to finally bring her back into the fold with the key cast — Beth is gone in the blink of an eye. For the first time ever, the character finally showed some promise, and we hate to see her go. Turns out Kinney is also fairly pissed about showrunner Scott Gimple’s decision to kill her off.

In an apparently tearful and emotional interview with TV Line, Kinney was openly upset about her character’s death and argued Beth’s arc still had a lot of meat left to explore:

“I think the writing throughout has been great, but I wasn’t ready for it to be over. I think the Beth character, in particular… more could’ve been done with a teenager growing up [in that world]. I did not see it coming at all, especially this season. It’s weird, because I would’ve been OK with [this happening] in the second season or the third season, when I was like, “Oh, maybe this character is coming to a close. What else is there to do with her?” But now I feel differently… I feel like there was still so much more to [explore.], like, what could have happened with Daryl? …

I think the whole point is there is no rhyme or reason [to the deaths on the show]. It’s like real-life. Why does that person [die] as opposed to other people? We really don’t quite know why … Yeah. I do feel like she grew up a lot. I do think that she always had it in her. Maybe it wasn’t something the audience could read, but I’d like to think this was a part of her from the beginning. She always had a fight in her.”

Kinney also addressed the giant, ‘shipping elephant in the room in regard to her burgeoning friendship/(relationship?) with Daryl (Norman Reedus) following their time together in the wake of the prison’s fall. Daryl was obviously upset in the seconds following her death (see: the immediate, brutal murder of Gwen), so it also has us wondering what could’ve been. Kinney’s still wondering, too. Oh, unanswered questions:

“They never really told us what it was supposed to be… I think it was a situation where they were getting to know each other. First, they were just trying to get along at all, because I don’t think that they saw each other’s point of view very well. And then as the story went along they maybe became friends, and I do think that it started to sort of go, ‘Oh, what more could this be? Could it keep going into something else?’”

The midseason finale was a bit unorthodox, with more tension than straight-up action, but Beth’s shocking death still proved the unexpected jolt fans have come to expect. The show returns for the back half of its fifth season in February, but until then, tell us what you thought?

(Via TV Line)

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