Why Whedon's Avengers style had Samuel L. Jackson so confused

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Jul 25, 2016, 2:49 PM EDT (Updated)

Even the most seasoned of actors cannot be certain during filming whether the movie he's a part of will be a success. Case in point: Samuel L. Jackson, who is easily one of the most beloved actors in nerd culture, had no idea what Joss Whedon was up to while filming Marvel's The Avengers.

During filming, it seems Whedon threw Jackson for a major loop. Jackson explained: "...there were times we were doing things, I had no idea why he wanted them so specifically that way, because he was very specific about 'No, don't do anything else, just do this!' and I was like, 'Really?'"

But the feeling subsided once Jackson saw the finished product. He described what Joss was doing as "actually making a visual comic book. Which is something nobody has ever done."

We're going to go right past the part where comic books are, in fact, a visual medium, and choose to understand the spirit of the term. Jackson did clarify a bit, saying, "I think the most amazing thing that he did was get the comic part of comic book right. And I think Joss made that very clear that we were doing something that's not only exciting but fun, and it should be funny."

Certainly there's no denying that Whedon took the essential elements of an Avengers comic and transitioned it beautifully to the big screen. But what do you think? Is Jackson right? Is Joss the first to truly get it right?

(via Whedonesque)

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