Why is William Shatner making a documentary about ... Xena?

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Jul 4, 2015, 11:45 AM EDT

Star Trek's William Shatner is slowly changing from a starship captain into the captain of documentaries. He brought us The Captains (about all six Star Trek, er, captains), and then Get a Life (about the Trek fans). After setting his lofty sights on Trek, the Shat is now planning to do a documentary about a certain warrior princess.

In an interview with Mania, the once and future captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise, James Tiberius Kirk—William Shatner himself—has revealed that he's now looking to make a documentary about our favorite kick-ass warrior princess ever, Xena (Lucy Lawless), and about the fans who attend these conventions.

(For our younger readers here, Xena: Warrior Princess was a spinoff of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and ran on TV between 1995 and 2001. During its six years on the air it gathered a very strong following, principally among female viewers.)

But why is he? This is what The Shat said:

I am a news-oholic. I love watching the news. I love watching the stories. I love the human history that is exposed on CNN, CSPAN, and all that type of thing. I love the humanity behind what is going on and the discovery of it. I love the concept of making documentaries, but what would I make a documentary of that people were going to buy? So, faced with that, in the market place and the curiosity, I was able to combine the first half and make a documentary about Star Trek. Now, they see I can make a film. My ideas are being met with more approvals. I've got a couple of docs in the pipeline. For example, I went to a Xena Convention. Who goes to a Xena Convention? People in need. People who are so in need that they cling to each other because of the mutuality of what they are. It is a love fest. It is an embracing of like-minded people. That's what I discovered. I am editing it right now and it is a fascinating documentary.

Right. Please excuse us now while we go dust off our chakram for, you know, the next Xena convention.

So are you guys excited about Bill Shatner doing a documentary about Xena and her fans?

(Mania via Trek Web)

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